23 wanting 40 or older Williamstown man

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Jacob Posner October 21, Each week, we randomly select a unix from a list of all current students at the College for our One in Two Thousand feature. As long as the owner of a selected unix is willing to be interviewed and is not a member of the Record board, that person becomes the subject of our interview.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity. And my high school friends mostly do as well. Do you think there are particular character characteristics associated with Jacob versus Jake? Perhaps I thought Jake sounded like an older name. So I kind of backed off that bandwagon. So [whatever] is natural for the person talking to me, I guess. Do you go by Jake? No, I go by Jacob. In my three places of employment throughout high school, all the bosses naturally called me Jake, so that kind of got me thinking like, I guess I look like a Jake.

Why specifically, did you choose [the benches near the psychology building for the interview]? Does this have any meaning for you? Or is it just chill? The psych building has some very fond memories. I did a remote psych research with the social psychologist here, Professor Jeremy Cone, over the summer.

And I was back in town for — we had Zoom meetings every time — but then I was back in town for the final Zoom meeting, and so we sat socially distanced with masks on right here. What is that like? Would you wander around campus when you were a kid? Yeah I mean, you have to. And then if you want to play basketball, you just go to Chandler or Lasell Gym. I played there hundreds of times throughout my life. Like, what did they seem like to you? I just passed so many students [on the street] — I thought of them as like role models to some extent.

And the ones that hung out with me, when they babysat me, are always some of the most fun people.

23 wanting 40 or older Williamstown man

So that got me thinking, I guess I would enjoy people here. I read some books about social psych from the last few years. And I took AP psych in 11th grade — that kind of sparked my interest in it. The first book I read of his was Outliersand … one of the main parts is how people who excel often have a lot of luck involved with it. Like, being a professional athlete, it matters a lot of when your birthday is because [of] the cutoff point for your sports.

So I thought that was pretty cool. It got me thinking like, how can I set myself up to be in those positions to have a self-fulfilling prophecy towards success? Tennis was my primary sport that I played for a good of years, probably about age 10 to age I was, like, all about tennis.

And never was quite as good as I thought. But I got tremendous, amazing joy out of it, and became a big professional tennis fan, so I followed Novak since about He grew up in Serbia when there was a lot of war going on there.

23 wanting 40 or older Williamstown man

He came up from a pretty hard background, and so [I have] a lot of respect for him. I like his tennis game, but also as a person, he is not as well loved as Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer, but I think he has some admirable traits about him that I really respect. I heard you and Duncan Robinson have exchanged a couple of messages on Instagram. Yeah a little bit. Duncan was here in to And actually, that was one of the three times that I went down to Salem, Va.

Always a great experience to take a car ride down like 10 hours each way with some of my friends — and a parent would drive.

23 wanting 40 or older Williamstown man

I got to know him a little bit from going to so many of the games and then follow them as did a lot of Williamstowners when he transferred to Michigan. And then maybe his senior year at Michigan or early in his pro career before he was actually playing on the Miami Heat, I reached out to him over Instagram direct message and kind of reminded him who I was. I think he did. Mostly just congratulating him on his frequent good games. He was only here one year but he definitely means a lot. Yeah, in Salem.

23 wanting 40 or older Williamstown man

That was always a thing. Actually, Professor Noah Sandstrom of the Psychology Department was one of the — his son Theo was one of my close friends growing up — one of the ones who drove us to Salem, at least, maybe two of the three times I went, actually. And so he would always paint our chests hours before the games. Make sure we were well prepared for our cheering. I think I definitely wanted to go to a liberal arts school, I quickly realized, but I tried not to let location play a huge role.

I think Bowdoin and Middlebury were high on my list as well, maybe the next two after Williams. But I kept coming back to all the positive things about Williams, and it really seemed to outweigh what it meant to stay here. And that is something that crosses my mind every once in a while — the fact that I am still here, while some of my friends are in, you could argue cooler places. I think that is important. And I look forward to exploring that after college. So I guess it being neutral is a pretty good thing. He is currently executive editor for podcast, and ly served as a section editor for features.

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23 wanting 40 or older Williamstown man

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23 wanting 40 or older Williamstown man

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23 wanting 40 or older Williamstown man

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