Anyone lonely and wants to talk

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Anyone lonely and wants to talk

Depression expresses itself in many different ways, some more obvious than others. Then just the thought of taking a shower is exhausting. If I manage to do that, I am ready for a nap. Using an excuse but really you just chickened out. Yes, I am addicted to it, but not like other people. Not because I want attention. I prefer to text. Less pressure there. Also being anti-social. I often get praised for it. But my issues are much deeper than that.

Anyone lonely and wants to talk

I withdraw because of my anxiety and depression. As if validation from someone else will make it all better.

Anyone lonely and wants to talk

And no one will see me for months after, as I retreat into my safe bubble. I also isolate myself even though sometimes I really just want someone around. I feel like a burden for biological needs I have no control over. I have to have a good enough reason for everything I do. I feel worthless so much that I feel guilty for even thinking of putting my needs or wants first.

Then I just feel like a doormat when I cave into the pressure. My depression keeps me awake at night and my thoughts can get so overwhelming I feel physically crowded inside. Late night walks help me quiet the screaming in my head. Before depression took over my life, I smiled and laughed as much as the next person. Now, having lived with depression for over 15 years, the humor I find in a joke or situation is rarely visible on my face or heard in my laugh.

You need to let some light in. On my list of regrets as a dad, I'll place "not rolling video when our babies interacted with me and my identical twin" near the top of the list. Images from Stephen Ratpojanakul's Facebook.

Stephen Ratpojanakul he's in the sweater I think is a dad to a baby boy named Reed. Stephen also has a twin brother named Michael.

Anyone lonely and wants to talk

When baby Reed got confused figuring out who was who, I almost expected this dude to make a cameo appearance:. Poor little Reed didn't stand a chance as he reached for both men and called them each "Dada. Parents know Anyone lonely and wants to talk mentally and physically exhausting the job can be. It's also a job where many of us spend an inordinate amount of time second-guessing ourselves for the decisions we make.

The immense power of laughter is a great way to relax, boost our immune systems, and relieve stress. Sometimes, we laugh to keep from crying. And other times, we just laugh because our kids are absolutely hilarious. Judging by the laughter and giggles, it's easy to tell that the twins truly love this little boy — and it's heartwarming to see all three of them enjoying some good times together. With almost 34 twins per 1, live births in the U.

Be warned, tiny babies — somewhere there are some adult twins plotting to have some innocent fun at your expense. While she was growing up, Colombia was going through a violent drug war, and Agudelo turned to literature, theater, singing, and creative writing as a refuge. My grandfather was a poet and though I never met him, maybe there is a little bit of his love for poetry within me. Inwhen she left her home and everyone she loved and moved to California, the arts continued to be her solace and comfort. She got her bachelor's degree in theater arts before getting certified in journalism at UCLA.

It was there she realized the need to create a media platform that highlighted the positive contributions of LatinX in the US. Later, she refurbished a van into a mobile bookstore to celebrate Latin American and LatinX indie authors and poets, while also encouraging children's reading and writing in low-income communities across Southern California.

Anyone lonely and wants to talk

When the pandemic hit inshe decided it was time to do even more to serve people during these difficult times. And one day she hopes that she can take the bookstore across the United States and discover even more emerging writers. Agudelo has made it her mission to empower women and her community.

Watching their reaction, when they look at their book for the first time is priceless. Agudelo is one of Tory Burch's Empowered Women this year. The donation she receives as a nominee is being awarded to The Sims Library of Poetry, which is the first black-owned poetry library in California. As demand grew, his suitcase library was forced to seek a larger home," says Agudelo. Nominate an inspiring woman in your community today. About Us. Newsletter Up. Enter. Editorial Masthead. All Rights Reserved. Family 30 things people don't realize you're doing because of your depression.

Do any of these speak to you? Family Baby meets his dad's twin brother in an adorable viral video. Parenting is hard. Adult twins interacting with a baby?

Anyone lonely and wants to talk

This article originally appeared on Adult twins interacting with babies is pretty hilarious. I know firsthand because I am a dad and a twin. All it takes is a smile for parents to know "you've got this. Without further ado, here's the video.

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Anyone lonely and wants to talk

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