Bear needs a mounting

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My next response is usually quick and blunted and often revolves around one of these five things to do with bear hide. Here are some ideas for your bear. For the hunter that has lots of bear rugs, consider cutting the legs and neck off in an oval pattern to make a rug. A flat rug with legs, claws and head is really nice, but you may want to be a little subtler in some situations. An oval bear rug is really unique and looks great.

I recently made my first circular bear rug and was very pleased with the way it turned out. Using a tanned hide flipped over on the hair side, I traced with a marker the outline of the rug. I was intentional to get the most square footage as possible out of the hide.

Bear needs a mounting

I used a thin rope to help guide my tracing. I started off with a pair of scissors, but ended up using a sharp knife to easily cut the hide. In total, the project took all of 20 minutes. A throw is basically a smaller blanket used primarily for decoration, so I think this describes it perfectly. Probably my favorite way to preserve the memory of a bear hunt is to simply tan the hide. Once a hide is tanned it can be hung from the wall from a Bear needs a mounting nail or hook, causing it drape to the ground.

Or it can be spread and pinned on the wall, used as a rug for the floor, or it can even be draped over a heavy-duty curtain drape or quilting rack. The most attractive part of this method is the financial one. This is the most cost effective thing you can do to preserve your bear hide. The full body mount is the classic bear-related memory activator that every bear hunter needs at least one of. A life-size bear adds some rugged grit and wilderness realism to any room, and is a nice piece for a hunting room filled with antlered game. There are multiple options for full body mounts and it will help you to understand the basics.

Most taxidermists take from six months to two years finish up a full body mount. How do I skin the bear for a mount?

Bear needs a mounting

For either method, cut the feet off at the ankle t and let the taxidermist t out the paws. Typically, the taxidermist uses a reproduction log or rock that attaches to the wall and the bear is standing on the fixture. These make for some very unique and eye catching mounts. Use lighting to highlight the bear for an extra accent. Shoulder mounts capture the essence of the bear without taking up much room or costing too much money. This type of mount is very popular, and when done right, looks really good.

A shoulder-mount bear is going to cost slightly more than a shoulder-mounted deer. Additionally, you can add a habitat base to a shoulder mount to really make it stand out, like a rock or tree limb. An aggressive mouth would be snarly teeth and tightened face. A closed mouth bear will cost slightly less and makes a nice conservative mount.

I suggest using a taxidermist that enjoys and specializes in bears.

Bear needs a mounting

Have you ever considered making a bearskin coat, vest, or some type of clothing? There are companies all across the country that will take your tanned hides and make clothing out of them. To be right up front, it can be very expensive to have a high quality furrier make a piece of clothing.

However, you can probably find a local seamstress who could do a pretty good job for a lot cheaper price. The second step is going to be to search for a furrier in your region or one that you can mail the hide. Multiple options exist for making a vest, a full coat, a hat, or even a coat with a simply a bear hide collar. When traveling during the winter months involved riding in an open sleigh pulled by horses, bearskin sleigh blankets were used to keep passengers warm.

Fabric technologies we use today to block out wind and moisture were non-existent, so cotton, wool, and animal hides were the primary things used to keep people warm. Bear hides are extremely warm, wind proof, and durable. Long rides in frigid weather were made tolerable by adding insulation to your warmest clothing. A sleigh blanket uses one or more bear hides cut in a square pattern with a fabric backing sewn onto the leather side. The hair side of the blanket would be facing out towards the Bear needs a mounting, while the fabric side would make the inside of the blanket.

Not many people are using sleighs these days for transportation, but a sleigh blanket draped over the back of the couch would make a very interesting conversation piece and would be a metaphorical nod to the primitive uses of bears in times past.

Quilters and seamstresses in your region would have good idea of how to make one of these, though I doubt many have. Five Things to do With Your Bear.

Bear needs a mounting

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