Beautiful lady want love Chattanooga Tennessee

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The Beautiful lady want love Chattanooga Tennessee hurt area residents and city officials so deeply they decided to do something about it. Fast forward 40 years and Chattanooga is a beautiful city with incredible momentum. We lived there ten years, now gone almost four. Walk through the hotel and check out the gardens in back spring and summer ; you will definitely want a photo near the train.

You can even stay overnight in an old Pullman Train Car what it lacks in elegance it makes up for in nostalgia and kitsch. The arts community is alive and kicking in Chatty, too. Visit Area 61 eclectic on Main St. Warehouse Row is on the Southside, too, home to higher-end shopping, and local and regional restaurants my favorite is The Public House. The cinnamon rolls, you must get. That line exists for a reason. Hamburger specialists. There IS a difference. Photo source. Oh, dear…the Northshore. Its antique carousel is a bargain and MUST-do for kids of all ages. Lots of green space, adjacent to the Tennessee River, and on the back side of Frazier Avenue.

Oh—and warm days BEG you to play in those animal-sculpted fountains. One suggestion? Grab a dog and frites at Good Dog and save room for a Clumpies ice cream. Everything from art Blue Skies is a personal favorite or tattoo shops to used books and deer wear are found on Frazier. Funky, fun, and fantastic. Open air onto Frazier. Great scenery inside and out. Worth it. Heck, maybe more by now. For incredible views of the Tennessee River, Downtown Chattanooga and the Northshore, put your walking shoes on.

Closed to car traffic, bikes, pets, and people welcome. On the opposite side of the river from Northshore, three buildings filled with American art. A free sculpture garden. And some of the most incredible views of the city. Great entertainment and engagement for kids elementary-aged and younger. Climbing walls inside and out. Do this and you might be hooked for life. You can knock out all three in less than a day.

Take pictures. Start at the Bluff View Arts District. Continue on to the Hunter Museum. On inclement weather days plan to tour inside; otherwise, check out more scenic views and continue on to the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge. The bridge ends on Frazier Avenue, where you can pick a place for lunch Good Dogs? Trust me, you will have filled a day with all of the above, and more that you pass along the way.

Beautiful lady want love Chattanooga Tennessee

Enjoy your picnic and then take advantage of the relatively easy hiking trails nearby. After your hike, head over to the Hang Gliding launch area about 25 minutes driving. Oh…my…those views. This hike comes with a caution: be careful and on alert! Chattanooga is the place our children will remember as their hometown, and as such, it holds a treasured place in my heart. Photo source: all images by Robin Dance unless otherwise cited. I went to college near Chattanooga and love it so so much!

And the views around there mmmmm. Another restaurant to check out: The Yellow Deli. Everything they make is delicious but get the Deli Rose and the de and murals inside are unbelievable. I think I see a visit to TN in my near future…. Did you go to Lee? And fits so well with her personality.

Thank you for chiming in, Andrea! Covenant was our rival when I was there!

Beautiful lady want love Chattanooga Tennessee

When I saw your post this morning, I nearly squealed with excitement. Chattanooga is my home! Wonderful post! Downtown is great! I have mostly been to Chattanooga for concerts at Track 29 nice music venue! This made me miss Chatt so much! The place has changed quite a bit since I lived there. Yay for showing people beautiful East TN! Says this Tri-Cities girl living in China and missing her home…. Sweet Chattanooga…my hometown. The aquarium is awesome! Thank you for making this Chattanooga girl more homesick than ever and for showing off our fantastic city!

I am constantly trying to get my friends in China to visit or move there. It is truly a magical place. I lived in Chattanooga until last summer and your post brings back the best memories! Hopefully soon! It is the sweetest little city full of friendly faces, a unique and eclectic vibe, and is set in a breathtaking part of our country.

There is a reason the locals call it the besttownever! Reading Time: 6 minutes. Photo source Northshore Oh, dear…the Northshore. Frazier Avenue Park on the street and start walking, restaurants and eclectic shops line the entire stretch. Who knew a stroll could be educational? Got 48 Hours? Day 1. Find your way to Renaissance Park and slide down Cardboard Hill. Day 2. Andrea on March 10, at am. Oh my gosh, this makes me so happy and nostalgic!

Robin Dance on March 10, at am. Susan on March 10, at am. I lived in Chattanooga about 15 years ago. This is a good summary! Hunter on March 10, at pm. Becky on March 10, at pm. Athena R on March 10, at pm. Ashley R on March 10, at pm. Lynette on March 11, at pm. Sarah on March 12, at pm. Anna on March 13, at Beautiful lady want love Chattanooga Tennessee. I grew up in Chattanooga, and still visit family there. I have lots of good memories. Tina on March 14, at am.

Beautiful lady want love Chattanooga Tennessee

Jennifer Bonds on March 23, at pm. It can be read in under a minute, pinky-swear.

Beautiful lady want love Chattanooga Tennessee

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