Do you love Lafayette breast

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Everything you need is handled, completely and compassionately, right here. We also take great pride in treating the whole patient —your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Download Our Brochure. Cancer Services Prevention Program. For Information and to Book Appointments Call: Hear from Our Patients. Testimonial 1: Maureen Corallo. A Star-Spangled Survivor. Maureen Corallo, a grandma and singer from Rockland County, beat breast cancer and is singing the praises of Good Samaritan Hospital.

Corallo first received radiation treatments for breast cancer 22 years ago at Good Samaritan Hospital, a member of the Westchester Medical Center Health Network WMCHealthand she returned there to undergo treatment once again.

Do you love Lafayette breast

Bhardwaj says. The other big development is in our ability to minimize side effects, such as nausea, vomiting and infections, to give patients a better quality of life. Best of all, people receive compassionate care close to home, with a full array of services and support — from diagnosis and treatment to survivorship — right here at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Though she temporarily lost her hair and sensation for food, she suffered no major ill effects. Living, With Gusto. Corallo and her husband, Sal, moved to Rockland County in They raised three children and welcomed five grandchildren into their close family circle.

She sang in their church choir for more than 42 years. If I had waited until I was 52 to get mine, I might not be here today. Absolutely go get an annual mammogram. The chemotherapy room has eight big comfortable lounge chairs, with all your equipment and a personal TV. At the suggestion of one of her nurses, Corallo now speaks with others about her experience. I have a great life, and hopefully it will last a lot longer.

Do you love Lafayette breast

Annual Mammograms Save Lives. Currently, only about 30 percent of U. Good Samaritan Hospital acquired a 3D mammogram in July Testimonial 2: Stephanie Wander. A Diary of a Survivor. I met my current husband, Alex, inwhen we both worked at a luxury-car dealership. I was in the business office, and he was the parts manager. I never stopped thinking about her.

Inwe moved into a year-old farmhouse in Chester and got married there on our front porch in Octoberblending our two families into one with our four children. I chose her without hesitation because she had treated my mom for a different type of cancer. I knew if something was wrong, she was the doctor I wanted to see. After my biopsy in early April, Dr. Karsif told me I had invasive lobular carcinoma which spread to my lymph nodes. I was very quiet and felt Do you love Lafayette breast. Karsif recommended I undergo chemotherapy treatments first, to shrink the tumor and nodes before doing a lumpectomy or mastectomy.

She said that due to the size of my tumor and the node involvement, if she had operated first, I would definitely have had a mastectomy. They want to get the cancer out. But I went with Dr. I expected to lose my hair, but I was really surprised when I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes, too. Losing my nails, however, was horribly upsetting, even worse for me. We went through everything together. After 16 rounds of chemo, with my tumor nearly gone, Dr. Karsif performed a lumpectomy on November 11, I had clear margins, and she removed nine cancerous lymph nodes. The follow- up month of radiation was the thing I disliked most about all of it.

For 30 days, five days a week, I had to lie in a mold with tattooed blue dots on me. In my support group, I had what I needed: an incredible group of women. What struck me most in meetings was how different every woman is. Some told no one. Some wanted to do it alone. Others had no support. Even though I had strong support from Alex, our four children, my parents and my three sisters, my personal challenge was learning to let Alex help me. Karsif if you can or actually go to her.

I trusted her percent. Also, let people help you. Lots of women have chemo, then come home, make dinner and do the laundry. But you really need to take care of you first. Alex and I agree that breast cancer could test a marriage, but he says that any barriers we may have had are gone. He never shied away from anything because of his fear. He was strong for me.

Today, we enjoy doing everything together. We were just looking for barred owls in the woods by our lake. We like to go birding, hiking and spend time on our boat, fishing, but home is our oasis. Now, I just look forward to making my five- year mark, my year mark … And I know I will. Whole-Person Care. According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is Do you love Lafayette breast second- leading cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer. We care about the whole patient, kids, family, jobs, everything.

Do you love Lafayette breast

Karsif continues. When a woman is facing mastectomy or reconstruction, group veterans, who once felt terrified themselves, offer support and are a resource for the woman. Testimonial 3: Carol LaChiana. Assisted by powerful technology, the care team at Good Samaritan Hospital helps Carol LaChiana keep singing, laughing and lifting spirits.

Some disc jockeys begin spinning records as teenagers. Carol LaChiana, on the other hand, was already a grandmother. The next day, my friend gave me a red tambourine and placed an ad in the PennySaver, and I was in business! But injust after Thanksgiving, LaChiana noticed a lump on her left breast. Breast-cancer breakthrough. At the forefront of cancer-fighting technology, this device delivers powerful and precise radiation through high-energy beams, aimed with accuracy to the millimeter. Dramatically advanced from traditional radiation, the TrueBeam Linear Accelerator system maps the most direct path to cancer cells in tumors, taking deadly aim at its target while skirting healthy tissue.

Since arriving at Good Samaritan Hospital last year, the device has shrunk tumors for hundreds of patients.

Do you love Lafayette breast

In addition, we can decrease the time it takes to treat, which improves patient comfort and outcomes. We are quite privileged to have this technology at our disposal.

Do you love Lafayette breast

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