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There was nothing quaint for the curious traveller in how Janelle Patton was killed. Nothing about the way her year-old body came to be found wrapped in black plastic near a waterfall held any old-world romance or charm. But the man from Norfolk Island Tourism was there each morning outside the Georgian courthouse where the coronial inquest was heard; on business, chatting to reporters and handing out his cards.

Outside the walls around the former military barracks built in were tour buses and lowing cows, but inside Ron and Carolyn Patton listened as their daughter was described fighting mightily for perhaps 15 minutes as she was bashed, slashed and stabbed to death by sharp and blunt instruments. Patton was a hospitality worker who had lived on the island for two years.

Find sex friends in Norfolk Island

The inquest heard she had fled Sydney to escape an abusive relationship and seek a fresh start; an unnamed man had broken her confidence and her jaw in an affair in the mids. Norfolk Island, she told a friend later, had been the place where her parents had had their honeymoon.

But it was no honeymoon for Patton: relationship troubles continued to dog her, with a string of failed affairs, and angry encounters with more than one local. Police have nominated 16 "persons of interest" to their investigation into her murder. There were never more than 20 locals in the public gallery during four days of evidence, but the island phones were running hot throughout. The islanders of this notoriously closed community can see without being seen.

Back in the week after Patton's murder on Easter Sunday,Terence Jope, who met the Sydney woman a month earlier at a party, was seen parked in his Chevrolet pick-up at Queen Elizabeth Lookout above the Kingston church. Talking into a handpiece he was heard saying: "I am at Janelle's memorial service. Despite such evidence that locals kept a sharp eye on each other's activities, an island woman claimed yesterday she had "not really" paid attention to the published list of 16 persons of interest that has so disturbed much of the community. When islanders said at the time of the murder that the killer would not be a local, they were not suggesting that a tourist committed the crime.

What it now seems rightly concerned the "real" islanders those descended from the Pitcairn Islanders is that the murderer could be found among one of the extended families that resettled the abandoned penal colony in Everyone "on island" for long knows which residents are in this familial loop, a group that looks to mainland Australia and New Zealand to generationally freshen the gene pool, as the Bounty mutineers once took Tahitian wives. The island clans, who speak a mix of archaic English and Tahitian, but only among themselves, have fierce loyalties probably forged during the years their mutineer ancestors were hunted through the Pacific.

The persons of interest in Patton's murder could be cast in a local, darker version of Twin Peaksan Australian Gothic. As it becomes clear Find sex friends in Norfolk Island missing girl was sacrificed to the gods, Sergeant Howse tells Lord Summerisle: "Your lordship seems strangely.

Norfolk Islanders initially tried a similar tactic with Australian Federal Police, trying to deny that this was a place where murder could happen.

Find sex friends in Norfolk Island

But Janelle Patton's killer had not escaped the afternoon her body was found. One flight had left for the mainland on March 31,but each passenger was filmed by police on arrival at Sydney Airport, leaving suspects "on-island", comprising residents and visitors.

One was Andrew "Buzzard" Rowe, 31 years old in Marcha Kiwi carpenter who seems never to have met Patton but is still of interest to police. He was "commonly regarded as a potential 'pervert' by a of people", and "from my own observations he was prone to sit and stare at attractive young women to the point where he made them feel uncomfortable, and on 22 August I had occasion to speak to him about this practice".

Anecdotal information was passed to investigators that Rodney "Moose" Menzies, a year-old contract grass slasher who also empties septic tanks, "was a man who was known to stalk women". Kellie Marie Worboys told police Menzies gave Patton "the willies". In the weeks before her murder, Patton told friends of a prowler she had heard but not seen at her home. She said her underwear drawer had been disturbed and her bed messed up. When Janelle Patton arrived as a temporary entry permit holder on Norfolk in Octoberthe locals must have seemed a colourful bunch.

One of her typical early friendships was with Susan Margaret Fieldes. Fieldes was 40 when Patton met her in December while both worked at Foodland, the island's supermarket. She also ran the bowling club bistro with her husband and was involved in the dog obedience club. The couple lived next door to year-old Charles Henri Menghetti, known as "Spindles", and arranged accommodation for Janelle with him.

But barely a week into this arrangement Patton suspected an "improper relationship" between Fieldes and Menghetti and left. In AugustFieldes attacked Patton in the Sports and Workers Club, was charged with assault and left the island for eight months. After she left Charles Menghetti, Patton moved in with Menghetti's brother, Paul, known as "Jap", a year-old mechanic and widower father-of-four with whom she began a relationship.

Patton did not get on with Jap's children, particularly daughter Dana, then In her diary Patton called Dana a "stupid fing cow". Dana called Patton "Crazy Janelle". Other anonymous sources told police Dana was "prone to violence when arguing with people". Patton wanted something more permanent than Jap was offering, and moved into a flat owned by Ruth and "Foxy" McCoy. Told me he's my first enemy on Norfolk. Jap, who told police he was "thrilled" when he learnt Patton had moved on to Laurie "Bucket" Quintal, married Robyn Murdoch, who in was chief executive officer of Norfolk Island Administration, and is also a person of interest.

Quintal was 42 when he met Patton in mid at the Find sex friends in Norfolk Island, where he was on the committee. As with Jap Menghetti, Patton wanted more from the relationship than Quintal, who suggested she would be "better off" going home.

Find sex friends in Norfolk Island

Basically only wanted a root so I left. Patton discussed this break-up with Michael "Boo" Prentice, who in late January celebrated his 50th birthday. Prentice told police that Patton claimed Quintal attempted to choke her when she refused to have sex with him. A workmate of Patton's at the Castaway Hotel allegedly told Patton not to form a relationship with Prentice because "he does not know the meaning of the word no". After Patton's murder Quintal told police that Yager had gone to Patton's flat on at least one occasion claiming to be him.

Find sex friends in Norfolk Island

On the day of Patton's murder, Yager said he spent at least three hours cleaning his car, but police found a green paint fleck in the tray that appears to match paint found in Patton's hair. He left Norfolk three days after the murder and is believed to be in Cambodia.

The day before he left, travel agent Angela Judd had asked him: "You nowa killar gal did you?

Find sex friends in Norfolk Island

Terence Jope, the man who kept surveillance at Patton's memorial service and who police suspect had access to the black plastic sheeting found wrapped around her body, was the subject of further disturbing evidence. Leonie Newton had initially been reluctant to talk to police. She made a statement on condition it be used only in connection with the homicide "not in any other, unrelated, investigation". Newton had known Jope since about and said he had a reputation as a "consummate womaniser".

In Aprila year after Patton's murder, Newton had been home alone one night. Her dog had been given a pethidine injection, so she had left the door open for him. Between 2am and 3am Newton woke to find Jope standing next to her bed. He began talking about his relationship with his wife and his belief that there was an Australian Government conspiracy to take over Norfolk Island.

Find sex friends in Norfolk Island

After between one and two hours he simply left. There is no factual nor forensic evidence against anyone that could convince coroner Ron Cahill to find on Thursday anything other than that Janelle Louise Patton was murdered somewhere on Norfolk Island by a person or persons unknown. But the consequences for the killer, if caught, appear suitable for the setting: "Whosoever commits the crime of murder shall be liable to suffer death," states the NSW Crimes Act ofupon which the island's criminal code relies.

And while Commonwealth legislation abolishing capital punishment in all states and territories would override that death sentence, flogging and putting a prisoner in leg irons are still technically legal punishments. An arrest is not pending, but at any future trial in which the accused could expect to be judged by a juror of his or her peers, finding 12 citizens who could be guaranteed not to appear in evidence might be harder than solving this crime.

Find sex friends in Norfolk Island

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Find sex friends in Norfolk Island

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