I need some tongue talent

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I need some tongue talent

You know that childhood friend of yours who could turn their tongue into a lucky three-leaf clover tongue? Well, it turns out he or she is part of an elite group. What makes one a gifted tongue twister? Some once thought genes played a role in rolling one's tongue but actually, language is what really makes a difference. You may be wondering, is the ability to roll one's tongue is a genetic thing? The answer is no, yet there are many schools across the US teaching that it is genetic. However, his study was flawed. For one, some of the kids participating in his study refused to open their mouths.

He also noted that some of the kids could roll their tongues, but their parents could not. That fact alone disproves his gene hypothesis. If you can twist your tongue into a cloverleaf, you are gifted. It is one of the rarest tricks. According to a study published in the journal Dysphagia Now you may be wondering, what percentage of the population can do a clover tongue?

According to this study, only The study included medical students in Malaysia. They spoke several different languages. The study found that Malaysian Indians were more versatile with tongue movements than the Malays and the Malaysian Chinese groups.

I need some tongue talent

So a person whose language engaged the most tongue movements had a leg or, in this case, tongue up in being able to learn how to make different shapes. So what do you think? Are you thinking of taking up tongue-twisting, rolling, cloverleaf making training so you can be the life of the party? Start practicing. If you speak a language that involves many tongue movements, the odds are in your favor! This article is intended to promote understanding of and knowledge about general oral health topics. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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I need some tongue talent

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I need some tongue talent I need some tongue talent

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Can You Make a Cloverleaf Tongue?