Looking for a lady who needs to earn some extra cash

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Plenty of legit, and many unique, moneymaking opportunities are out there for you to capitalize on at your convenience, with the perk of no long-term commitment and, in most cases, setting your own hours. Updated forour diverse list of side hustles is packed with plenty of tactics to earn extra cash — 37 ideas for you to consider, along with resources and pointers to get you started. Some are good for a fast buck, while others could turn into consistent streams of income. Find out which cash-generating ideas could work best for you.

You can cash in on our right to vote on Election Day. Many localities need election officers, especially those who are bilingual.

Looking for a lady who needs to earn some extra cash

For example, in Fairfax County, Va. In Monterey County, Calif. Generally, to qualify, you must be at least 18 years of age and a registered voter in the state, be a U. You'll likely also have to devote time to attend a training class. Pro tip: Bring plenty of snacks. It's a very long day, and you cannot leave the polling place to grab a bite. As youth team sports return, you may consider coaching. In the case of coaching youth teams, it often means late-afternoon, evening and weekend availabilityplus knowledge of the intricacies of a sport — soccer, hockey, softball, you name it -- and the patience and talent to teach it to others.

Many recreational youth sports clubs, especially travel teams, around the country pay their coaching staffs. But note: You must be certified at various levels to earn that kind of money and have safety certifications, which may or may not be paid by the organization. I coached high-school soccer and a club youth soccer team for a few years while also working my full-time job as a journalist. Pay varies. The side hustles added several thousand dollars to my annual household income, and, more, it was richly fulfilling to work with students eager to learn.

How do you get an adjunct teaching job? Reach out to community colleges, colleges or universities where you live. Depending on your specialty — say, ing — contact the department head in that particular school and inquire about becoming an adjunct. How about substitute teaching? The pandemic accelerated teacher retirements, and some schools are in desperate need of teachers.

Grade schools and high schools nationwide are looking for people to substitute teach. Some districts hire directly during a recent federal government shutdown, the Fairfax County Public School system in northern Virginia outside of Washington, D. Some districts have outsourced the hiring process.

Looking for a lady who needs to earn some extra cash

ESSa Knoxville, Tenn. These are filled by people who are maybe getting their feet wet, seeing if they want to pursue a teaching career. Check the websites of school districts in your area to see if they are hiring substitutes.

Many also offer training to teach remotely during the pandemic. Pay varies by district. And you could cash in. If you live near an historic site overseen by the National Park Service, you could become a d guide with the Association of d Battlefield Guides. For example, the d Battlefield Guides of Gettysburgthe Pennsylvania site of one of the most epic battles of the American Civil War, are d and regulated by the National Park Service and are the only individuals legally allowed to conduct visitors around the national park for a fee. Tips are not required but often given. Are you a runner?

Consider earning extra bucks as a running tour guide. The company offers personalized or group tours. You can easily cash in on your unwanted electronics — even damaged items — by selling them online. Use the site to find one near you. At uSellyou can sell smart phones, tablets, game consoles, and more. You get paid by check or through PayPal. Shipping with all of these sites is free. Or bring your video games, game consoles, smart phones and tablets, and accessories to GameStop -- ever heard of it?

Some of it could be yours, but it's up to you to track down the cash. The government also holds on to forgotten savings bonds, government-guaranteed mortgage-insurance refunds and government pensions that were never claimed. There's no central database, so you'll have to check with individual federal agencies about missing funds. State governments hold onto uncashed dividend checks, returned utility deposits, unclaimed state-tax refunds, uncollected insurance benefits, and stock dividends, among other things.

You can search for unclaimed property held by states at Unclaimed. Yes, I did this, in And yes, I found some unclaimed funds, in the coffers of New York state, where I once lived. I followed the procedure and sent a notarized letter to New York and heard back.

Advertise your services on school, campus and community bulletin boards, or tutoring web sites such as Wyzant where you choose your own hourly rate and Tutor.

Looking for a lady who needs to earn some extra cash

Modeling is another great way to earn money. Artists want to draw bodies of all shapes and sizes in order to hone their skills. During sessions, models start with short one-minute gesture poses, then transition to longer poses lasting from five to 30 minutes. You can also check Artmodeltips. How about modeling just part of your bod? Fashion magazines, TV shows, commercials and movies are always in need of attractive hands, feet, legs, even beards, unique ears and that perfectly shaped bald pate.

Market-research firms are hired by big businesses to get inside the he of consumers. Participation in an in-person focus group led by a moderator, such as those run by Focus Pointe Globalcan earn you rewards points or Visa debit cards. Focus Pointe Global also has opportunities for telephone, app or online surveys as well as clinical trials. In exchange for taking online and phone surveys, firms such as Harris Poll Online offer rewards points redeemable for gift cards and merchandise from the likes of Visa debit cardsAmazon.

Beware scams, though. Lawyers are getting in on the act, too. At OnlineVerdict. The melt value reflects the actual amount of gold in the jewelry; a dealer will offer you a percentage of that value. Quotes will vary widely, so get several. The same goes for silver. Maybe you inherited a few sterling trays you never use. Assuming the trays hold no particular value to collectors, sell them for scrap rather than trying to sell them at a conment store or online. Check with several metals dealers, both online and at storefront locations, to get quotes.

If you or your family members have brand-name clothing, accessories or shoes that are in good condition but no longer being used, turn them into quick cash by selling them on conment. Research the conment shops in your area to find the right match for the types and styles of clothing you have to sell.

Looking for a lady who needs to earn some extra cash

You might be able to get more for your used clothes by selling them online. Shipping to ThredUp.

Looking for a lady who needs to earn some extra cash

Another option for deer clothing and accessories: Tradesywhich pays a You receive earnings via PayPal, debit card or a bank. Note: Several of these sites require that you register before you can enter and explore. A newer player in this space, Poshmarktakes it all -- clothing for women, men and children, plus handbags, shoes, jewelry and makeup. Or skip the middle-man and sell your used clothing on eBay, which will require more effort on your part but could result in a bigger return.

Babysitting can be a fun way to put money in your pocket if you like. If you advertise your availability via online services, hourly rates vary by city and demands of services. In smaller towns and cities, such as Palatine, Ill.

Advertise your services on community bulletin boards, the public library or houses of worship. You can also place a listing or search for jobs on sites such as Care. You might even end up saving the monthly cost of your storage unit.

You can list large items free on your local Craigslist classifieds, and buyers will come to you — if you're comfortable with that some people I know who sell on Craigslist meet the buyers at a neutral, very public location, including police stations, just to play it safe.

Just be sure to insist on cash to avoid bounced checks. Listings for both sites are free. But they might be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. One place to get top dollar for your collectibles and small items of value is eBay. Research prices for merchandise similar to what you plan to sell, so that you can price your wares competitively. The next-best thing to getting cash for points is a general-purpose gift card, something I stumbled on recently as I was looking at my NASA Federal Credit Union credit card statement online.

Stop letting your used books collect dust on a book shelf, and start selling them online. Working folks will pay plenty for you to take mutts W. You can also team up with an existing dog-walking operation that handles client recruitment and scheduling. To find one, ask other dog walkers you encounter whether they're part of a group or check Craigslist.

Marking similar territory is Rover. Rover has some stringent guidelines for the folks it hires only taking on less than 20 percent of potential sitters, the company says. The Seattle, Wash. Krop is a useful site for developers and deers, but it, too, posts jobs for copywriters and copy editors.

At both sites, you must apply to be a contributor by submitting samples of your photos, illustrations, videos or audio. If you have a knack for creating anything from baked goods to intricate art des, you can profit from your talent. It happened to Stacy Brown, founder of the Auburn, Ala. A restaurant was born from whence a chain sprung sprung chicken? If art and de are more your speed, consider selling your creations online or at local craft shows, when they return post-pandemic.

Online sites include EtsyDeviantArt or Zazzle. Etsy and Zazzle feature products such as jewelry, quote posters, vintage clothing and even pet supplies.

Looking for a lady who needs to earn some extra cash

DeviantArt mainly sells art prints.

Looking for a lady who needs to earn some extra cash

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