Looking for my nerdy special someone

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Everyone loves at least one nerd or geek.

Looking for my nerdy special someone

You might be one yourself. Shopping for nerds and geeks is a lot of fun, especially when you have access to a variety of geek- and nerd-approved items. This list of gifts includes techie trinkets, science fiction fun, and bizarre oddities that will appeal to the geekiest people you know!

Looking for my nerdy special someone

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger. Love letters have been given a digital upgrade with this sweet heart box, which spins to let your lover know they have a message that is displayed on the mini screen inside. They can forget everything they ever learned at school with this book, which blasts common misconceptions out of the water; did you know that a mushroom is the largest living thing?

If you thought buttons were only good for clothing, think again, because these clever versions can locate misplaced items, make calls, take photos, and even lock and unlock doors. Give a gift that lasts all year with a subscription to Loot Crate, who will send a treasure trove of geeky gifts based on whichever fandom your lucky recipient favors. A handy geek gift for anyone who Looking for my nerdy special someone DIY, this working ballpoint pen incorporates a ruler, spirit level, stylus, and both a Phillips and flathead screwdriver for a smaller-than-pocket-sized multi tool. Choose from the dozens of different des — from a fish to a ferret — and they can wear these happy hipster tees with a smile on their face.

Gameboy geeks will be more than hydrated when they have this mug to drink from, as they will want to make the magic happen over and over again. Give them a puzzle they can pore over with this piece jigsaw. Made from recycled chipboard, it would look fabulous framed and on the wall. At Home Escape Room. This kit is perfect for fans of Escape Rooms. The guests must crack the clues to find a way out before the 60 minutes is up.

If the Legend of Zelda is their game of choice, this wallet will make a great gift idea. Made from PU materials in a striking green and brown de, this bi-fold wallet has 3 horizontal slots for cards, an ID window, and space for cash, as well as the iconic metal badge. Made from glass on a beech wood stand, the water-filled circle contains several colored glass bulbs, which rise and fall according to the changes in the weather. But this tee features the laid back mammal with a rocket strapped to its back, proving that anything is possible if you set your mind to finding a solution.

Looking for my nerdy special someone

If we have to wear masks, at least we can wear ones that are funky, fun, and will totally stand out from the crowd. Made from nylon and fitted with fiber optics, this mask can scroll through one of the 7 color options and 11 settings for a constantly changing look. Wannabe detectives will delight in working their way through Murder Most Puzzling; a collection of twenty gothic murders, each with its own set of clues. With a mixed bag of characters, such as Augustin Artaud the ghost hunter, this will be anything but a peaceful read. This box is absolutely useless, and serves no purpose at all except to confuse people.

With a single switch on the top which visitors will be compelled to flick, they will be astounded and a little freaked out to see a finger creep out and switch it off again.

Looking for my nerdy special someone

Glasses equal intelligence, at least by appearance, but even the biggest nerds need to take their specs off now and again. The perfect gift for a Star Wars fan, this impressive lamp will look great on the nightstand or coffee table. Made from acrylic, when the lamp lights up it gives the illusion of being 3D, and because it is remote controlled, they can choose how they want the light to shine.

Lovers of dinosaurs will get a real kick out of wearing this fun t-shirt. Printed with eco-friendly inks, this tee features a ferocious looking T-Rex on the front riding a bike, with some scary looking teeth on display. Fun for paleontologists and cyclists alike, it comes in 4 sizes. They can drink a toast to history when they have one or more of these colorful dinosaurs guarding their wine. Looking for my nerdy special someone using open flame torches, these glass dinos have been created by lampwork artisans and set on top of chrome plated stoppers to keep wine fresh.

Give them a way to keep cool without losing track of the time with this intriguing desk fan. Few animals look as sweet and unique as the Duck Billed Platypus, which makes it a great choice for the front of this casual t-shirt. Make sure they always get their own luggage back with this funny Star Wars travel tag. If they eat, sleep, and dream gaming, this t-shirt is a must for their wardrobe. Some people like their Zen to have a little bit of a dark side, which makes this Darth Vader Buddha perfect. They will literally be speechless when they rip off the paper and find this box inside.

Totally genuine-looking, this box shows a gadget that can print pictures onto cheese, but much to their relief or maybe disappointment it is just hiding their real gift inside. Can anyone get the sound effects from Star Wars right? Robots have always been fascinating, but with this kit they can build their own.

Orpheus is a wooden robot that comes flat packed; engineers can assemble him in 2 — 5 hours. With moving gears, working lights, and arms and legs, this little hand-cranked robot can also play a sweet and gentle melody. Fidgets will have their hands full with the Infinity Cube. Perfect for relieving stress and anxiety, the Infinity Cube is also a great replacement for unwanted habits like nail biting. Small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, they can constantly rearrange the cube in endless configurations.

Would-be astronomers with a sweet tooth will be fascinated with this set of Planet Lollipops. Beautifully detailed, these 10 stunning candies each represent a planet, with a 2D image of each encapsulated within. And with 10 delicious flavors to go with them, they will make a totally heavenly treat. Brainiacs will be totally absorbed in this puzzle, which comes with an unusual twist.

Choose from Fractal or Snowflake des, and puzzlers will be presented with an intriguing puzzle that requires them to create an interconnected but constantly-changing geometric field. Tic Tac Toe has been a favorite game since the Roman Empire, but you can bet they never played it like this.

Looking for my nerdy special someone

This beautiful Aurora Borealis Sand Art will give them an ever-changing landscape, as the multi-colored sands and water shift and change against a background of the magical Northern skies. It goes without saying that Will Shakespeare had a way with words, and some of the best insults came from his pen. Family game night is meant to be fun, but do you know it can also be educational? This geek gift could be given to those who are always looking for sympathy, those who refuse to give it out, or the virtuoso in your crowd.

Presented in a sweet instrument case, this tiny violin replica is hand crafted in exquisite detail, and comes complete with a miniature bow. Math nerds will keep an eye on the time with pleasure when they have this clock on their wall. They can sleep under the stars every single night without giving up home comforts with this BlissLights Sky Lite. Using lasers, optics, and holographic technology, this lamp will project an ever changing galaxy of beautiful stars and blue nebula clouds across the walls and ceiling of the bedroom, bathroom, or living room.

Looking for my nerdy special someone

Made from stainless steel, the Geekey can be carried on a lanyard or keychain and will do the work of screwdrivers, bike spoke key, wrenches, can opener, wire stripper, serrated edge, and many other invaluable functions. This Pi Pie Pan makes a great geek gift for anyone who likes math and baking. Made from aluminum, this pie dish will bake both sweet and savory pies in a perfect Pi shape.

Measuring Old school gamers will instantly recognize these coasters as the game cartridges from The Nintendo NES. Made from sturdy hardboard, each coaster features the graphics from a classic Nintendo game, including Mario Bros. Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda, and is printed on both sides.

Looking for my nerdy special someone

Let them see themselves as others see them with one of these brilliant custom portraits. Delivered as a digital file for printing on t-shirts and posters, etc. These picture puzzle doormats are so much fun, and will add a touch of intrigue to anyone who visits the home. Available in 2 des, this mat is based on a rebus puzzle, which uses pictures and letters to spell out the message that visitors need to decipher. Puzzle masters will spend many happy hours poring over the conundrums in The Master Theorem Book of Puzzles. These stunning lights can be arranged in any geometric configuration, and then controlled via a phone using the included app.

If they always like to be prepared for any eventuality or emergency situation, this multifunction pen will keep them equipped. As well as writing, this pen also houses a stylus, bottle opener, flat head and Phillips screwdrivers, ruler, and phone stand, and it fits neatly into a pocket or bag. Give him a smart but nerdy twist to his office attire with this awesome Millennium Falcon tie.

Bring a whole new dimension to LEGO with this set of sound activated light blocks.

Looking for my nerdy special someone

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