Married man for friends

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Married man for friends

Type your question. Enter more details. Or do you just play it cool knowing you can handle your feelings? Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond to Anonymous:. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Alex Send a private message. Dating Advice. Kingslayer Send a private message. Estime Send a private message.

Married man for friends

Kingslayer : Missing out on the best part of women. They only make good friends. Especially if you get physical. Long term they never keep trying to put in work to satisfy you.

Married man for friends

Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Natural Send a private message. This always makes me laugh when a woman says she wants to be friends with a married man and she does not understand why he distanced himself after some time. As if she were perfectly innocent with no clue whatsoever about what she wants.

Married man for friends

You can ask his wife why. If you wouldn't ask her, that's your perfect eye-opener, should I say lie detector? Edited on February 13, at UTC by the author. Natural This attitude of automatically painting people as villains without having all the facts or even knowing the people involved. Anonymous : Every woman who wanted a married man had her own personal facts and she did not necessarily intend to be portrayed as the villain. Natural : He distanced himself out of fear. Cowards are like that, probably curling up under a woman who dominates him.

Estime : Or wanting to remain faithful to his wife! That's not coward. That's a man who takes his responsibilities towards his wife and doesn't let that woman here online play the innocent inoffensive woman who in reality is only there to get the husband. Here is an example that proves my theory about relationships: that is, that every relationship has the potential to be dynamic. One day acquaintances; next day friends and the next day lovers. This is why a lot of people cast a suspicious eye at people who insist that they have opposite sex friends.

Some men will create more distance with you once he notices your interest in him. Some men who are looking for an easy lay will take advantage of your interest. The fact that you are pursuing him is a bonus. Drawing upon a passive aggressive nature, he will say, "I didn't do anything.

I had to be nice to her. I couldn't be rude I genuinely just think he's a cool guy to be around and I enjoy chatting with him. My end game is to be friends. I have no romantic interest in him and I do fully respect the fact that he's married. You recognize infatuation for what it is and learn to handle knowing attractive women without wanting to risk everything for could very well end up as a case of the grass wasn't as green as you thought it was.

Many women could become "attractive" if given the chance to show up at an outing, dressed well, in a good mood, trying to be fun and having and showing others a good time by being entertaining. Weak men, men without experience, or just men who are willing to roll the dice in a high risk, low reward situation just for instant gratification will allow themselves to become "in love" when they're really experiencing a fleeting feeling of infatuation. ThisGal Send a private message. ThisGal : Mike Pence was ridiculed for that when it came to light as being anti-woman. Now he is viewed as a genius in light of metoo.

Smart man, he is. Kingslayer : Oh, there's still people criticizing him. Women have the Married man for friends to set the tone for how men are gonna treat them. Yes, there's creeps like Weinstein Women can't have it both ways.

You can't stop men from getting an erection when you walk down the street a certain way. But, women want the right to be in a foxhole and shower in the military with guys - but cut off his head if he dare look at their body. Yes, I applaud men like Pence. I have met them over the years - you could shake a naked body in front of them and they keep on looking on the ground. Some religions even require their men to walk and look on the ground as they walk.

ThisGal : I'm the female friend. He's suddenly bring very cold towards Married man for friends when he's always been very pleasant and fun around me. Nothing had happened to even come close to crossing that line. Nothing has happened to explain why he's suddenly treating me in this way. In venting to a friend about it I was told him having feelings for me is a possibility so he might be "righting the ship" before any damage is done.

If this is this case I can understand it. I'm just missing having the friendship is all, but I'll move on if need be. Edited on February 12, at UTC by the author. LadyKat Send a private message. Anonymous : If it were your husband having a female friend like you, do exactly what you pray would happen if your man was getting close to his female friend. Doing the right thing has its own rewards. Thewayyoulie Send a private message.

Married man for friends

Anonymous : I agree he is "righting the ship. I had a torrid emotional affair just before and shortly after I got married. To his credit, he "righted" his ship. And our friendship ended. You, his wife all are dear friends and he is now looked as like a brother by you. Or hell thinks you have feelings lol. Just let it go girl. Or trouble awaits. Edited on February 14, at UTC by the author. Anonymous : You don't need to meet his wifeshe is not your friendhe is.

Married man for friends

She will not like you anyway. Women are completely competitive. His wife should appreciate the fact that someone is giving g this man the attention and emotional support he seeks. She clearly is not interested in doing that if he has to get it elsewhere. We need to stop pretending as if women do not hustle emotions and play men for every drop of energy they can extract without having to so the same.

F that. Why would you develop feelings for a female friend? Do you feel the need to screw everyone you talk to? JJ22 Send a private message. I'm the wife. I was supportive. Loving and Stupid. My husband's female friend was a secret. While I was working 12 hours a day, he'd be texting her times a day, or doing her favors, or hanging at the bar.

He worked part-time for awhile and spent everything he earned at the bar. He put more energy into his "friend" than he did our marriage or supporting our home. The only reason a man would have a "female friend" is because he is a loser. JJ22 : and the same thing can said for us women.

I had a male friend, when my marriage needs were being ignored. We had problems; we lived like roommates. I went to my guy friends house one day, just need to know what fun is again. My friend and I talked about it; I didn't want a relationship, neither did he. We decided to do no strings attached, and I discovered that sex is actually fun and while it was short lived, it helped me realize my marriage wasn't there anymore.

I grew stronger and ended the marriage, my ex and I are now best friends. We are happier apart than together. You can't stay in Married man for friends unhappy marriage just for. You walk away. Having female friends for married men is thin dangerous ice to walk on. Same for women with male friends. It is as foolish as putting a drunk on a bar stool with a coke.

If you expose yourself to dangerous situations, eventually your luck runs out and disaster happens.

Married man for friends

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How does the married man's mind work in regards to female friends?