Never ate out before want to

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November Imagine you are on a date with that special some one that you love, and tonight is when you both have decided to have a romp in the sack. It has been a long week and now that the weekend is here and the two of you finally have the time and the energy, you just want to get on with it. So you go for a romantic dinner date to set things in motion. But wait, should you just order anything you like and enjoy a good hearty meal, comprising of all your favorite dishes?

Or should you watch what you eat?

Never ate out before want to

Nutritionist, Manisha Chopra Answers. Just like foods which are capable of boosting your sex drive, there are also some other foods which are avoidable and which if consumed before sexual intercourse, can either kill the mood or lower your sex drive. Gurpreet Singh Kalra. Purnajita Sen. French fries and all kinds of fried and salty foods should be avoided, if you want a great romp in the sack. The trans-fat in these meals reacts negatively with the testosterone levels and reducing the blood circulation to your nether regions.

Such foods lower the sex drive by impacting the circulation and also causes bloating. For men with low blood pressure, these foods might make it difficult to stay erect for longer.

Never ate out before want to

Having too oatmeal before sex, can result in gas, which is never a good thing, when you are looking to impress some one. Besides that, oatmeal can also lower your sex drive, leaving you feeling unwilling, no matter how magical your date has been. Cauliflower and even broccoli and Brussels sprouts can result in bloating, as they contain complex sugars.

The body needs to release methane to digest them, which is, obviously, not a very appealing prospect when you are in bed with some one. The most commonly occurring ingredient in fast foods in restaurants is cheese and it is increasingly becoming difficult to avoid it. Besides being fattening, cheese, and some other dairy products, can cause bloating.

So you will want to steer clear of an Italian pizza or a pasta place for dinner, and any place serving cheeseburgers for that matter should be avoidable. Surprisingly, mint or peppermint has been known to lower the sex drive. Although, it might seem like a great idea to pop a mint to battle bad breath, you might want to avoid eating one too many, if you want to be ready to get turned on in the next few hours. The lining of microwaveable popcorn bags have the same chemicals as are found in the lining of non-sticks pots and pans.

Never ate out before want to

These chemicals have been linked to a decrease of testosterone levels in men and a reduction in their sperm count. So if your date wants to buy popcorn during the interval of the intimate movie time, gently steer them way from the idea and go for something else. Speaking of movie dates intervals, you might want to stay away from the sugary, fizzy drinks as well, for the same reason as you have chosen to avoid cheese and fries- gas.

Stay away from those caffeinated energy drinks as well- they might make you feel perky and upbeat during your date, but chances are that you are going to feel exhausted later. Beans are a big no-no before your big night- they make you feel gassy and bloated and that is never good. Skip that spicy Mexican burrito and opt for something a little more safer. Fruits digest relatively quickly, because they are loaded with carbohydrates which are the most easily digestible out of the three macro nutrients- protein, fat and carbs.

The stomach uses different enzymes to digest different kinds of food. If you have food after a meal, the process of fruit digestion will slow down, making it rot and ferment in your tummy, causing heart burn, burping and indigestion. So skip those chocolate coated strawberries after dinner, no matter how romantic the idea of eating them sounds.

Canned or processed foods are normally too salty and hence, can make you bloat. Instead go for a less processed meal, preferably home cooked food.

Never ate out before want to

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