Seeking facial from men 40

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How much do guys really know about skin care products? You might be surprised. Check out the fascinating from our survey with these 10 crazy statistics on men and skin care. Just a couple of decades ago, the idea of a guy using a facial cleanser or a moisturizer on his face was practically unheard of. And a guy following a daily skin care routine? Pfft, that was just plain crazy talk. From high-end moisturizers and facial cleansers to powerful anti-aging products for men, all s suggest that guys are savvier than ever about skin care.

But how knowledgeable about skin care are they, really? We decided to find out by conducting our own research on men and skin care. Before we dive in, here are a few things you should know about our research:. It seems that not all guys are consistent with their daily face wash routine.

The recommended face washing frequency for guys with normal or oily skin is twice daily once in the morning and once in the eveningwhile guys with dry skin may be able to get away with washing their face once in the evening. Of course, it could also come down to laziness.

Seeking facial from men 40

You come home from work or a party, completely exhausted, only to fall right into bed without washing your face first. Not if you want clear skin, at least. Moreover, the right facial cleanser for men can do a world of good for the stubborn blemishes on your face. According to our surveyone-third of men own up to this common face washing mistake. You guys do realize that you use that same bar of soap to wash your man parts, right? But we digress.

Most commercial soaps have extremely high pH balances that can dry out your skin. To give you a better idea of how bad bar soaps can be for your skin, consider the fact that traditional bar soaps typically have pH values in the range.

Seeking facial from men 40

According to a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Sciencethe average skin surface pH is 4. If you want to achieve healthy-looking skin, keep the bar soap far, far away from your handsome mug. Sadly, this is not the case. In the fight between bar soap versus facial cleansera facial cleanser will always win. Why is this so important? The skin on your face has unique needs. Facial cleansers are formulated with these things in mind.

Seeking facial from men 40

Listen up, all you younger guys. Are you really going to let your old man outdo you in the skin care department? Because according to ourit seems that older men are much more likely to care about washing their face compared to younger men.

Seeking facial from men 40

This finding is particularly interesting because, generally speaking, younger guys are much more likely to struggle with oily skin compared to older men. Thus, you would think that younger guys would have a greater motivation to wash their face on a daily basis.

In contrast, older men experience a decrease in oil gland activity as they age. Perhaps we spoke too soon about older men being on top of their skin Seeking facial from men 40 game? As we age, our skin loses elasticity and becomes much thinner and drier. Dehydrating soaps can exacerbate dry skin, which is one of the many reasons why men aged in particular should adopt a facial cleanser for their skin. Another important reason for this age group to use a facial cleanser? Older men experience decreased cell turnover as they age. A facial cleanser can help gently remove this buildup of dead skin cells and reveal a more youthful-looking complexion.

Similar to bar soap, body wash can do an amazing job at keeping your body clean and smelling great. Unfortunately, the moisturizing ingredients in many body washes often make them a terrible choice for your face. Many body washes contain pore-clogging oils such as coconut oil, which can be a total nightmare for guys with acne-prone skin.

Additionally, body wash may contain artificial fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin. Put simply, you should never use body wash on your face. If you ever forget your facial cleanser on a trip, you should stick to using water until you can go out and buy yourself a proper face wash. Hey, why not? As it turns out, men and women need different skin care products due to the physiological differences in their skin.

Guys produce more collagen and sebum oil than women do, which makes their skin thicker and oilier.

Seeking facial from men 40

That means 80 percent of guys have no idea that using a men's skin care kit could maximize their overall. Looking at this another way read: Seeking facial from men 40 more positive waymore than half of men have tried a skin care product deed for men. Fast-forward 30 years later and 60 percent of guys report having at least tried a skin care product deed for their skin. While there is still obviously room for improvement, this statistic shows a promising move in the right direction. Not to sound too much like your old gramps, but you should definitely listen to your elders.

At least you should when it comes to your skin. Our survey revealed that 83 percent of men aged 65 and up agreed that guys need to get serious about taking care of their skin, while just under 60 percent of guys aged said the same thing. What could be the reason behind this disparity? Unfortunately, many of our grandfathers spent their youth playing or working outside without protecting their skin from the sun.

By age 80, men are three times more likely to develop melanoma than women in the same age group. Listen to your old man when he tells you to wear sunscreen and UPF clothing outside. Changing attitudes and social trends have given men a newfound interest in taking better care of their skin. Although men are more knowledgeable about skin care than they were in the past, our research suggests that there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Bikowski, J. Lambers, H. Deplewski, D. Farage, Miranda A. PubMed Central. Thota, Sweta Chaturvedi, Stacy N. Hermosillo, Neilgoon N. Keyhani, and Jennifer A. Before we dive in, here are a few things you should know about our research: We chose to work with a nationally-recognized survey research firm, ACUPOLL Precision Researchto ensure the validity of the survey data.

Seeking facial from men 40

Our sample size consisted of men aged 18 and above, who completed an online survey in December What did our survey reveal? Men aged are twice as likely to not wash their face at all compared to men aged Take the skin care quiz 8. In Summary Changing attitudes and social trends have given men a newfound interest in taking better care of their skin. References Bikowski, J. Close Cart. There are errors with your cart:. Remove Item.

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Seeking facial from men 40

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