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World's Most Amazing Videos is a reality television series that showcases accidentsdisasterspolice chases and other extraordinary events that were caught on video camera. Originally, the show was produced for NBCmainly to fill time when other shows were cancelled. Untilall episodes of the show were narrated by Stacy Keach. From that point on, the season was narrated by Erik Thompson. The show was broadcast in the UK on Bravo and Channel Onein which David Wartnaby served as the narrator of the first season followed by Lee Boardman in the second season of broadcast and was expected to return in The series was given its own local name titled Global Shockers for the Philippines market and it was hosted by Johnny Delgado.

The fifth and final season changed the format; instead of multiple random clips in one episode, each episode now focuses on a certain theme. These videos normally show anybody involved in these aforementioned incidents surviving nonetheless. Although it is similar in content to other series like Real TV and Destroyed in Secondsit took a more serious tone.

The clips show some dangerous disasters, daring rescues, fights, amateur sports, robberies, animal attacks, and car accidents. A new series of episodes of the show were created in first-run for Spikeafter a six-year hiatus from the NBC stint. Clement Composer Shawn K. Retrieved Spike original programming. : s American reality television series s American reality television series NBC original programming Spike TV network original programming American television series debuts American television series endings Television series by Universal Television American television series revived after cancellation American non-fiction television series.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes file. Download as PDF Printable version. Don LaFontaine announcer. Stacy Keach Erik Thompson March 3, — March 28, Baltimore, Maryland - a stealth bomber malfunctions during an air show and plummets into a house.

Sexy moms Summerville South Carolina phone chat in Yellowstone National Park

The Italian Alps - a glacier collapses into a lake, sweeping away stunned tourists. Indianapolis, Indiana - escape artist Bill Shirk attempts an escape from a plexiglass coffin underground, but it breaks under the ground's weight, almost suffocating him. Butte, Montana - Terry Rossland's attempted suicide by car bomb. Sao Paulo, Brazil - a concert hall opening goes awry when the choir's bleachers come crashing down. Jackson, Mississippi - a narcotics agent is shot in the chest by a trigger happy suspect. Albuquerque, New Mexico - a hot air balloon gets trapped on power lines and eventually explodes.

Sexy moms Summerville South Carolina phone chat in Yellowstone National Park

Sao Paulo, Brazil - a bank teller is held hostage by a knife wielding man, until a nearby cop springs into action. Beartooth, Montana - a forest fire traps a duo of campers. Lake Elsinore, California - a plane full of skydivers gets an engine punctured by a snapped wing, setting it ablaze.

Sexy moms Summerville South Carolina phone chat in Yellowstone National Park

Alberta, Canada - two girls have fallen into freezing waters, and two men try to rescue them. Tulsa, Oklahoma - two liquor store clerks team up to take care of a phony robber. Oslo, Norway - a javelin stabs an elderly judge in the chest. Las Vegas, Nevada - a bull rider gets caught in his harness and is tossed around by a bull.

Assisi, Italy - an earthquake wrecks the Saint Francis church. Peterborough, England - a skydiving lesson goes wrong when an instructor is choked by his chute's ropes. Chicago, Illinois - a woman is forced to jump head first out of a burning building.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - excited soccer fans fall from the bleachers and to the ground. Grand Rapids, Michigan - a drunken teenager steals an officer's cruiser in an attempt to escape. Valdez, Alaska - a skier plummets down a rocky mountainside, hitting several rocks along the way. London, England - a bank robber thinks he has trapped himself Honolulu, Hawaii - Tyke the elephant's ram. Sao Paulo, Brazil - a fireworks balloon crashes and sends its load flying at the crowd.

Sexy moms Summerville South Carolina phone chat in Yellowstone National Park

La Crosse, Wisconsin - an undercover officer poses as a hitman to arrest a man who wants his wife killed. Versa, Illinois - a farmer attempts to bulldoze an old silo, and only succeeds in making it topple on top of him. Canberra, Australia - an out-of-control rally car slams into a TV cameraman. Forbes, Australia - a horse race pile-up.

Sexy moms Summerville South Carolina phone chat in Yellowstone National Park

Louis, Missouri - a bungee jumper's cord snaps in midair. Hillsboro, Oregon - daredevil Lee Oman messes up an axel hang stunt and is caught on the plane's cable. Anchorage, Alaska - a girl at the zoo is attacked by a polar bear. San Diego, California - a lifeguard's boat fire prevention demonstration blows up in his face.

Taipei, Taiwan - a brawl at the National Assembly. Cedar Hill, Texas - an officer's struggle with a suspect in him almost getting a point blank shot to the face. Melbourne, Australia - a stock car tumbles and crashes. Comfort, Texas - a group of teenagers are trapped in the Guadalupe River flooding. Mahoenui, New Zealand - an explosive car stunt catches a firefighter ablaze. Queensland, Australia - a store clerk gets robbed twice in the same night. Lake Placid, New York - a bobsled slips onto its side, trapping its riders.

Zambia - a tourist plane crashes into a forest. Kyushu, Japan - Mount Unzen erupts and sends a pyroclastic flow towards a nearby village. Manning, South Carolina - a police chase ends with the suspect crashing into a gas station pump. Lake Catherine, Louisiana - a caught shark bites on a fisherman's hands. Coria, Spain - a bull attacks an animal rights activist. Columbus, Ohio - police officers confront a suicidal man. Redwood City, California - the Stockton Arsonist video. The Wild Coast, South Africa - the MTS Oceanos sinks, and the captain and senior crew jump ship, forcing the remaining staff to concoct an evacuation plan.

Newtown, Ireland - Ken Wallis crashes his gyroplane. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - a teenager steals an entire cash register. Sacramento, California - a movie stuntman flips his jeep upside down into a river. Russia - the sadistic hazing rituals of the Russian army. Belo Horizonte, Brazil - a flood rescue attempt goes awry. Mexico City, Mexico - a collision between a train and tanker truck in a big blast.

Busan, South Korea - a foreman is set ablaze by a tenant's Molotov cocktail. Gloucestershire, England - two MiG jets collide together. Perth, Australia - a canoe racer gets caught in raging rivers. New York City, New York - a firefighter must rescue a frightened man from a burning office building.

Victoria, Australia - at the Grampians National Parka kangaroo claws a visitor when he's not looking. Iksan, South Korea - a propane facility fire ends in a series of large explosions. Beaumont, Texas - a suspect's car catches fire. Xiaoshan, China - a tidal bore sends waves towards the land, sweeping away villagers. Mount Gambier, Australia - a race car ignites and the trapped driver tries to escape. Cheshire, Connecticut - the Cheshire Correctional Institution brawl. Taft, California - a rookie skydiver not only is separated from his trainer, but also can't find his rip cord.

Altus, Oklahoma - the police send undercover agents to put an end to a violent drug ring case. Colville, Washington - a high school wrestler headbutts the referee, knocking him out. Morrow, Georgia - burglars use their truck to smash their way into a store.

Sexy moms Summerville South Carolina phone chat in Yellowstone National Park

The Persian Gulf - Petty Officer JD Bridges gets sucked into a plane engine; identity unknown at the time and revisited a little later. Honolulu, Hawaii - a firefighter falls into a fuel explosion. Snake River, Idaho - two speedboat racers are sent flying from their ride after hitting a wave.

Tyler, Texas - a police pullover escalates into an all out gunfight. Los Angeles, California - a man holds his baby hostage and tries to lose police by driving to the Mexican border. San Diego, California - At the local SeaWorld, an orca trainer gets toppled by a whale jumping out of the pool. Farnborough, England - a plane breaks apart as it tries to land on a runway.

Sexy moms Summerville South Carolina phone chat in Yellowstone National Park

Atlanta, Georgia - a state trooper becomes a hit and run victim by a speeding driver. Istanbul, Turkey - a young girl is trapped in a car that's upside down in a raging river. Lima, Peru - a building explosion engulfs firefighters. Albuquerque, New Mexico - a mother bear climbs a power pole and eventually falls off. Queensland, Australia - a sailboat gets capsized by a wave. Hanford, California - a race car topples and bursts into flames. Lancaster, California - a dangerous pickup truck police chase.

Sexy moms Summerville South Carolina phone chat in Yellowstone National Park

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