Suck me off in Saint Paul Minnesota

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User Name Remember Me? Password Forgot Password? You are: Looking for now Looking for later Not looking Not a member? Register for free! Your post will have a delay in publication. Remember Me? Forgot Password? Looking for now Looking for later Not looking. Not a member? No, not at all. Most cruisers don't leave a review here This is right next to the cafe. I have never seen any action here and think it's too busy and too many. The mens' room on the second level near the restaurant is spicy. Got my cock sucked and also had the chance to play with a bear's huge cock under stall!

Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 15 When you see guys crack their stall door open at this gym, they want to play. But the shower stalls are too small and the big see-through doors are annoying. So, the steam room is where things hap However, I have been working out in the morning and almost every day I have a guy follow me to my car and offer to suck my dick at a nearby locati There are a lot of regulars that come to do more than exercise.

Not very busy with walkers. Dropped a load the other day.

Suck me off in Saint Paul Minnesota

Nice to get out and release in the wild. The restroom was closed. Not sure if it is closed due to the pandemic. Returned two days ago but didn't check the restroom. There was guy stationed at the skyway entrance. I gave a guy a handjob five days ago. If the Macy's mensroom is closed for good, guys will rush to this one. Guys can only play in the last two stalls because the wa The area is alongside the Minnesota River about two miles down on the right side. It's open, but I would not play in the parking lot.

Waiting and cruising in a parking lot is the main cause of ruining cruisy spots. I chec The spot by the bridge is always busy with people fishing so this place is pretty much dead. The boat launch off of th is promising, but it's pretty busy with straigh Lots of arrests!

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Suck me off in Saint Paul Minnesota

Make a left at Century Blvd. Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 28 I had never noticed cruising, but was hit on one Saturday evening when it was slow. The young guy and I went back to a shower stall and he fucked me. I love locker rooms!

The steamroom and showers are a good place to find some fun. Eden Prairie. Most Recent Reviews Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. Forest Lake. There are no recent posts and without CL there is like no way for me to get a cock in my mouth. Guys often cruis I got so horny when he was done a There was a guy in one of the stalls kicked back stroking his beer can cock watching pussy porn on his phon Action happened in the steam room and the shower but I'm not sure when the crusiest time is.

Some guys want to show off in the showers opening their Very multi-cultural place and a spa right in the locker room. I've seen several guys get hard in the showers. The nice thing: the showers are open but ha Hot action here, especially over the lunch hour! Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 14 A man faces several charges related to "allegedly touching a plainclothes police officer in a sexual manner" here.

His name, age, and city of residence were published. Posted Oct 2 As I was walking down by the river looking for some action, out came a young stud about 18 years old.

Suck me off in Saint Paul Minnesota

He said if I want something he will do it, all he asked is for food. Homeless. While I had se It was quite the show. This park is very hot. The cops are stopping any male that is in the park alone. This i Golden Valley. Just walk over the wooden bridge, you will see the unpaved trail on the left of the fork. Follow the main trail and take any side trails to go down to the beach. I even saw a guy doing naked yoga there.

Suck me off in Saint Paul Minnesota

There are several tiny beaches along the trail. The first one you encounter is the larg Maple Grove. Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 10 Development surrounding this rest area has all but eliminated any action here. Late night on weekends is the best time. I sucked some hot Asian cock. Free for all and great times!

Recommend it highly. I watched four guys get arrested and their cars were being towed. The cops were also going through an eighteen wheeler. This year they are dong more Posted Mar 14 I go here often. I drive a tow truck, so I'm on the road until late sometimes. It's so cruisy here, that sometimes I have to wait my turn. The parking lot always has something to offer. As you go into the parking area you can see a couple of worn paths into the woods on your right. Just go in and walk through the trees.

You can There are lots of married guys wanting blowjobs. County Line Rd. Go south about a block to Joy Road and turn right. The park is on the left, a short distance. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 18 I went there today and found a makeshift lean to set up across the street in the woods. Condom wrappers on ground but no action. Open to meeting up with someone.

Suck me off in Saint Paul Minnesota

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