Tucson dick suckers

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Tucson dick suckers

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Remember Me? Forgot Password? Looking for now Looking for later Not looking. Not a member? I didn't see too many cars outside. I asked the cashier about the arcade, she said tokens are five dollars and they last for 15 ot 20 minutes.

Half the booths have had an Tucson dick suckers video for weeks and there are a The hottie at the counter was kind enough to refund my money since it stank badly of piss. Place was disappointing, most guys were fat or old. No privacy either. The booths have half a door that exposes the lower bottom.

Must be a Tucson ordinance. A creepy old man would k This is a dive, yes. But at least you can suck or get sucked fairly easily here depending on who is working. There is this skinny crack whore Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 22 I showed up on Saturday night 11 pm and was surprised that only three other people were inside.

Asked the clerk if this was a typical Saturday night. He said, "Sadly yes The private booths offer more privacy, but a hot young stud was peeking into the booth while getting my big cock sucked.

Tucson dick suckers

Didn't mind at A buck gets you 3 minutes of video. I went for the first time today and got talked to like a 3 year old for looking over the door into the private theatre area where privat Looks like sometime in late March they should open again. Website says not opening until January, I wish it was bigger. It's a great setup but there was no traffic. Take Speedway Blvd. Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 14 Great views, private bathroom with a lock and lots of little hideouts to hookup. Since I moved here in never seen a cop at premises.

I usually go for the morning crowd. A friend and I were driving around in the park and when we left we were stopped Tucson dick suckers police, handcuffed, the car impoun Posted Sep 9 The city of Tucson has stepped up their patrols of this park, posting s warning of arrests for leud behavior.

Tucson dick suckers

There's even a tip line phone on the s. Be careful. I was there in the restroom getting nasty with a hot little hispanic dude. The cops came in and took both of us to jail. They treated Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. Always there, hot, hung, and willing to play!

It's the perfect setup to cruise and play in the sauna and steamroom, but it was seriously an old troll convention. There is now a notice posted on the wet area door from the police department. Posted Sep 4 I ed and have had some hot action there. Two guys in the steamroom fucked me last night! Tucson dick suckers a must for everyone.

Been fucking ass for years. Soon you will have a nice dick in your mouth. I wonder how to initiate with people. If anyone wants to reply and give me tips that would be great. Didn't see anyone who wasn't cruising. A couple of cozy spots carved out in the bushes. Although an o It seemed to be all different types, from chubby bears to young guys to silver daddies. I found me a bbc that made my jaw hurt but I slurped for all it Go right at the light and enter the park to your right. Take the left road around to the toilet. The place is very safe at least during daytime.

My last visit around two weeks ago I had a blast with an Asian guy.

Tucson dick suckers

Took me less than five minutes to have him on my dick around the It is scary that we must be afraid of the police when looking for friends or partners. Be very careful here. There are rarely any police at the park then. They seem to really know what they are doing and I've had several close calls! Posted Jul 13 I got busted just for standing up in the stall. Some undercover cop stood against the wall facing the stall, which had no door. After thirty seconds of just looking at me I didn't even touch mys A good minutes drive from I Most Recent Reviews Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc.

Watched a young, fit guy jack off with the door open to our booths across from each other. Management was hands-off as far as what was going on in the back. Jerked the yo No more quarters! I went there last week and sucked off two guys one right after another.

The day guy is an asshole. Very unsafe place. Several men were arrested. Nearly fifteen cop Tucson dick suckers, four undercover 'boys' entrapping men to go into booths, etc.

Tucson dick suckers

Be on the lookout. The pigs are really trying Camino De La Tierra and W. Campus Park Way. No problem! I have found some action there. Continue once it becomes unpaved after you enter the Coronado National Forest. Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 5 You will run into nude old guys from time to time, but no one playing and no one you'd want to play with. Not worth the hike, it's a ball buster. What a day! I sucked two great cocks and got sucked over and over.

Tucson dick suckers

Everyone's hiking naked and no one blinks when they catch you -- they just wave. Don't be foolish though. If you love na It's good scenery with lots of beautiful boys, some straight, but all naked -- great! The area Tucson dick suckers National Forest and only the Forest Service has jurisdiction. The National Forest Service has no official position concerning simple Perhaps if a guy is willing to devote a half day of hiking to get to the more remote areas, he might find some Great place to work out, I really like it.

Never seen even a hint of sex there. In general, because of increas However, if you like hot, young bi or straight boys the steamroom and indoor jacuzzi can be really hot. I have had tons of cock here Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 14 s are now posted advising that the facility is now closed to anyone who does not have a valid CatCard. Posted Nov 19 This has been closed down during week. Sometimes it's open on weekends. The gloryhole was closed up when they renovated it. Weekends are best.

Tucson dick suckers

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